Protein Bar

Protein Bars

If you’re interested in starting a DIY Rapid Weight Loss program, these are the types of meal replacement bars you should incorporate into your daily menu. Meal replacement bars are generally 160 calories or less, have an effective carb count of 15g or less, and around 7g to 15g of protein. Remember, for the best results, you should limit yourself to no more than 1 bar per day. If you find that it is difficult to stick to just one, you should probably refrain from ordering bars until you’ve reached your weight loss goal (unless you’re comfortable with weight loss stalls and extra cravings that might lead to cheating).

For your convenience, we’ve gathered a lot of the popular meal replacement bars below. Clicking on the item will take you directly to the store where it’s sold. Check out our polls and Reviews section if you are undecided about which flavor or brand to try or which merchant to order from. Don’t forget to look at the available Coupons before placing an order. Need more tips on how to time each meal replacement or how much you’ll need? Click here to learn how to start your weight loss plan.