Drinks & Shakes for Rapid Weight Loss

If you’re interested in starting a DIY Rapid Weight Loss program, these are the types of shakes you should incorporate into your meal plan. Rapid weight loss meal replacement shakes are generally 120 calories or less, have no more than 10g of carbs, and around 7g to 15g of protein. Some shakes have slightly higher protein levels, which is good for physically active and/or male dieters. Also, some of the shakes are 2-in-1, meaning, you can either drink it as a shake or make it into a pudding. For convenience, you might be interested in trying Ready To Drink shakes that don’t require mixing (warning: some people complain that ready to drink shakes aren’t as tasty as the ones you have to mix yourself).

As you can see, there are a wide variety of shake brands available, from a wide variety of merchants. For your convenience, we’ve gathered a lot of the popular options below, and clicking on the item will take you directly to the store where it’s sold. Check out our Reviews section if you are undecided about which flavor or brand to try or which merchant to order from. Don’t forget to look at the available Coupons before placing an order. Need more tips on how to time each shake or how much you’ll need? Click here to learn how to start your weight loss plan.

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